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She accepted my offer and we've been together ever since.

I never make my self out to be honest, good, right, or reliable. I am a chronic liar and proud to admit it. This is my story; choosing to accept it is your choice. My tale is a classic encounter, falling for your best friend. We had known each other for many months. It was not a simple "out of the blue" inquiry. On more than one occasion, people mistakened us for an item. But, time waits for no one. It was quickly approaching our last years in school. Neither of us had any direction in life, and uncertainty was the only thing certain about our futures. I had sheltered feelings for her for a while, and many knew this. With time drawing short, it took the pressure of a mutual friend to force me from my safe zone. I speak in a very sarcastic tone all the time. using any other inflection would have set something off; this was the last thing I wished. I admitted to her that I knew I was going to sound sarcastic, but I was indeed sinceir. She accepted my offer and we've been together ever since.


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