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someday he'll know that I truly and honestly love him with all my heart.

my best friend

When i saw him, I knew. I knew that there was something about him that I couldnt get over. Little did I know it was that he would become the one that I've always loved.

I met him 4th grade summer, thru boys & girls club. And I remember just thinking how cute he was. He had the bluest eyes that I have ever seen and dark brown hair that always looked nice. He always managed to make me laugh. That's when I realized that I had a crush on him.

So then 5th grade came around, and we were in the same class. Now we never really got to hang out because we had different friends, but i remember him always teasing me about me liking this one boy. So I would always be like "shut up". But i liked it.

I remember how he always used to come down to his friend's house that was 3 houses down from my house. I would come outside and we would always hang out together each day. So we started becoming closer.

6th grade, we became even closer as best friends. I remember he had started liking a good friend of mine. So of course since I cared about him I helped him out. I was the "messenger" and would tell her messages and then tell him. But thru that, we managed to become closer than ever. He would still go to his friend's house 3 houses down from mine. But now he started coming just to come see me. We were so close that everyone always asked us if we were boy friend and girl friend. And of course we'd be would you ask that? But yea..because we were so close I never thought of him as anything but a best friend.

Until after 7th grade when i had moved away. You always hear that you never realized what you had until its gone. And that was the truth for me. I called him all the time when i moved away. And I came to visit him for 8th grade summer and 9th grade summer.

9th grade summer was one I will never forget. I realized that I really really liked him. It was to the point where it was as close to loving him. So when I came to visit him, he had found that I really liked him after all those years that I never told him. And so we were watching a movie and I sat next to him but get all shy and kept getting up and moving to other chairs. Finally I got the courage to just sit next to him. And then I put my head on his shoulder and we were cuddling. It was the best feeling in the world for me at that time. But the next day was even better. I remember that he had went into his friend's room and he was just lying in his bed. And then I was looking for him and saw him in there. He had asked me to lie down with him. And I did. We lied there and I still got so shy because we both knew we wanted to kiss eachother, but got shy. So I got shy again and got up and sat down in this chair. Well then he got up too..and was like "what do you wanna do?" and i asked him the same thing. and then he went "i know, here.." and he leaned toward me and we kissed. We kissed for a good while, but i got shy again. and ran out the room. So he was my first kiss. It was really sweet and funny. So I had to leave. But we still kept in touch. And I saw him again the next summer. He drove 100 miles just to see me for my birthday party. Then I moved even farther away. It was sad because I knew that I still had feelings for him. But I still managed to keep in touch.

Now I am a senior in high school and I am about to go to college. A college which he is going to. What a coincidence that he will be going to the same college as me. Even tho, I am so far away from him, I call him as much as I can. Finally I have realized that I love him so much. I have loved him all along. And each time I think about him, its hard to breathe, my heart beats fast, and I cant think of anything else than him.

I dont think he knows this as far as I know he thinks that I like this one guy that I told him I liked. I didnt tell him who I liked but I described him. Little does he know its him and it always has been him. I love him soo much and I keep dreaming that he'll be with me. But who knows?

For the 5 years that I've moved away from him, its brought us closer than ever. And here in a couple months I'll be with him again going to the same school. We will finally be reunited as best friends and hopefully someday he'll know that I truly and honestly love him with all my heart.


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