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I need her like a withered rose needs a cool spring rain

Rober cray stated that time makes two in his love ballad. Well at least that has come true for me but not her. My best friend. The only person i have ever truely loved. I've know her since the third grade. The closer we got as friends the more i secrelty loved her without even relizing it. WE were there for each other no matter what happened. WE helpped each other through the hardest of times. WE knew each other in every facet of our personalities. Honestly it was one of those friendships that very few people experience. Even if she was the only friend i had i would be satisfied. All our friends say we are going to get married one day. After a while i actually started to believe it as something that could probably happen. Ha! A 17 year old jock thinking of marrage. Then she got a boyfriend. A senior from her school. I have no idea what he is like but i have this uncontrolled hatred for him. He could a be jesus reborn and i would still hate him. He was a good friend of hers too before they got together. And when she told me they were together i was shocked. I should be in his place. She should be with me. Ofcoarse i hid all of this from her. I pretended to be happy for her. I laughed with her at her stories of her boyfriend and how much fun they had together. All the while my soul screamed with jealousy, anger, anguish. I had one chance to show her i was worth more than her boyfriend. Last night i took her to my prom. She looked gorgeous. A divine queen of godesses. It was an amazing night. I was planning to kiss her for the first time then. I had one chance. One chance, but i couldn't. She wasn't like all my other exs and hookups. She was my bestfriend. She actually ment something to me. The urge to kiss her was unbearable. He perfect lips seemed to call to me. I couldn't put her in a situation of guilt. A situation where she would feelas if she cheated on her boyfriend. I just wanted her to be happy so i surpressed my feeling for her. WE came home at 5 o'clock in the morning. We said our goodbyes and she left with her step-dad. I went to sleep and I dreamed of her. I had a dream that i saw her fighting with her boyfriend. I had a talk with her boyfriend and i told him that he was the luckiest man on earth. I told him to hold tight to her and make her happier than she could ever be. I told him to cherish the months that he had with her before he went of to college as if they were his last with her. He went over to her and kissed her. I woke up tears streaming down my face. It was at that moment that i realized how much i loved her. How much i needed her. I need her like a withered rose needs a cool spring rain. She was so close to me but always out of reach. The only thing for me to do is hope. Believe that i have a chance with her. That is the only thing that this hopeless romantic could do.


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