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Every single day I do my best to move on, to think about something else, to simply live my life like I use to before he became part of it. I pretend that I'm glad he went away, that I'm smiling, instead of crying... only I know how my heart is dying.

It's pathetic at times, I know I shouldn't waste any more of tears, I know I should simply move on but how can I move on if my heart is frozen in time. My heart is still with him, hoping that one day he will call like he once did... "Baby I don't want to loose you". I still wish to hear those words.

Advice is offered every single day, and politely I listen but amazingly it makes me realize the opposite, how much I really do love him. How much I miss him. Writing has become my escape, I write to him every night and though he doesn't directly listen, read or perhaps feel the essence of my words... I do. I have an escape that allows me to be... to simply be.

For those who are heartbroken, angry about something, simply seeking comfort or an escape. Write! For some reason writing allows you to transcend your thoughts out there... you might ask where is out there? It's this place where only you know, a place that becomes only yours. Try it! Write if you want to make it Right!


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