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Then all of a sudden my phone rang and it was my x's friend

I was dating this guy, who treated me like crap. One night he took me to meet an old friend of his, and we all got drunk and my boyfriend passed out. Well his friend and me stayed till like 5 in the morning talking. We all hung put for a couple of mounths and me and my b/f and my sister and her b/f all had a trip planed to stay a cabin for the weekend, well my boyfriend invited his friend to come, and we all got drunk and me and mhy boyfriends friend ended up together in the hot tub that night, I kissed him..
Well my boyfriend didn't dump me cause it really didn't mean anything to me. We stayed together foe like 2 months after that and he broke up with me actually his other friend did it for him. Well I hung out with the one I kissed for like the next two days and blew him off, cause I was scared to get into another relationship. Four months went by and we didn't talk. I was dating a guy, who just got me a $1400 ring and my x called and wanted to meet. So I meet him and went home that night in tears. I couldn't sleep at all that night. Then all of a sudden my phone rang and it was my x's friend (the one I kissed) roomate. I answerd he found my # and called to see how it was. Well we started talking and we've been togther ever since. It's been a year and eight months now. We both think it was meant to be, If it wasn't for his roomate we would have never talked again.


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