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It all started when i was in grade 9. My first love came along

It all started when i was in grade 9. My first love came along , we went out for nine months and he unexpectly broke my heart. Well it was about time for me to move on i think. I was still young and wanting to have fun. So I found ****, we've been together for four years now. Well i cant really say four years becuz we did break up one i decided to date someone else. Oh boy did he treat me good. I wasnt in love with him but i knew that i could love him. Well the summer was over and we were going our seperate ways so we decided to break it all off. I then started talkin to my boyfriend I had before and then we started going out. Everything was good I guess but now things are different. He doesnt want to hang out, he doesnt call.. its just plain weird. I now feels like i got no one to talk to, no one to spend time with or cuddle while watching a movie. He's my best friend and I wouldnt know what i would do if he left me. My ex bf is now callin me up and wanting to get together becuz he is goin away to work and wont be back. He's been there for me everytime that my bf hasnt. I guess i missed all the attention and caring that my bf now dont give me. I am now fallin in love with my ex and i dont know what to do. I still love my bf so much but i really think that my ex could be my soulmate. I cant stop thinkin about him and i dont know what im goin to do when he leaves in five days. What im trying to get to is why not go out that last time with my ex somewhere before hes gone outta my life. Maybe my bf isnt the one for me and maybe my ex isnt either.. but thats just something that i gotta prove to myself so that i can move on.


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