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i care about him too much to end it

Ok i've started going out with this guy about three months ago (that is, 3months since he kissed me...) We were friends for a few months before he asked me out and when we did start going out, it was three months before he finally kissed me. I thought after the first "speed hump" of that first kiss, things would get easier, but since then it's like he won't make any kinda move unless i do, and even when i try to he seems to find ways to avoid kissing me, either by looking away or by starting a new conversation. Then when he does kiss me, it's usually a short goodbye kiss in his car, and my heart sinks every time because he won't even look at me afterwards. It's as though he just wants me out of his car. As friends, we're great, we talk and laugh about stuff thats happened, and silly stuff one of us has done... but as a couple i dunno whether it works or not, but i care about him too much to end it.


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