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a month after that my cell phones battery went dead and wouldn't recharge

Well I drove to L.A. with my mom and her friend so they could go shopping in the garment district at first I had my mind set that I wouldn't try and flirt and really stare at cute girls and etc. because I live in San Diego and didn't want a long distance relationship if something like that panned out I guess. Well I noticed a girl in one of the stores with a few of her girl friends just looking at things. Well we did the occassional shy glans at one another thing when we thought the other wasn't looking for a while until me and my mother went to another area with stores. An hour after shopping i saw her again in another store. I kind of said for get the rules I told myself and I wanted to speek to that girl again so I try to give her my phone number by holding up the digits with my fingers while we were in the stores across from each other and so my mom (who was shopping) wouldn't notice nor her friends either. Well I gave it my best shot because I had to give her my area code also. After a couple times I kind of just assumed and hoped she had got it right. After a couple days of being at home she called me we got to know each other as friends for about a year and a half over the phone because I had change my mind the I didn't want a long distance relationship and I was with someone else. I called her and let her know that I had changed my mind yet again that I wanted to be with her regardless of where we lived and maybe she could move to my location which she was cool with. Maybe a month after that my cell phones battery went dead and wouldn't recharge. so I lost contact with her because her number was in my cell phone and my cell number was the only one she had. I bought a new battery which was about $70 but they sent the wrong kind and wouldn't exchange it. so I swicthed from pre paid to Sprint. Well about a month ago which was about a year after my phone initally died I decided to try to charge my old cell (from a different company) with my sprint charger and it worked! So basicly now since the old phoned charge up I have her number again so I immediately had called her and she understood so we started where we left off. Coincidently the very next weekend she was coming to
san diego on a 3 week trip. So when she came for the trip she never left and now we're unseperable and happy in love. We're now engaged.


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