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It is a common misconception that when your heart is well and truly broken the world stops turning

It is a common misconception that when your heart is well and truly broken the world stops turning. In fact, it goes on spinning just the same. Similarly the cliché of wallowing in bed for days listening to sad love songs is also inaccurate. As it turns out, when you are actually in real emotional pain, you can’t listen to poignant songs; it hurts too much. There is the realisation that all those times you revelled in self-pitying comfort food binges and endless Radiohead albums after a ‘broken heart’ weren’t real, because when your heart really does break you have to block it out, for if you sat down to think it is unlikely you would be able to get up again.
In life you will be faced with a situation; one defining decision you are forced to make that will affirm that you have finally reached maturity. It should not be assumed that this test will occur early in life but it can be certain that it will come. An opportunity to prove yourself, but one disguised so heavily in pain that it will be hard to see. For it is the acceptance that there is an order in the universe that does not always coincide with what an individual wants or needs that demonstrates our personal growth; and understanding that self-sacrifice is sometimes the only logical solution is perhaps the road to true adulthood. Acknowledging that somebody’s need is greater than your own and consequently sacrificing your own happiness for his or hers is the ultimate indicator that you have achieved selflessness. I was forced to recognise that what was meant to be and what I wished was meant to be were not the same thing, and it was not for me to try and alter that which was the natural order of things. This epiphany makes it no less painful to watch them be together, but it gives the pain some purpose, and that at least is something.


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