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He told me that it just started out as a crush

So most people think that love is just a simple combination of three little words, but it is so much more. I have been dating my current boyfriend for about a year and a half, on again..of again, but sometimes I feel as though he doesn't love me anymore. I got grounded at the beginning of the summer with one of the friends from my school for half the summer. There were school parties that my boyfriend went to with his school, but I never really thought much of it, until his best friend..who is my best friends boyfriend called me and told me about this other girl. He told me that it just started out as a crush, but then he moved up to almost breaking up with me for her. Luckily, his two best friends knocked some sense into him and told him how stupid he was for even thinking that! I asked my boyfriend about the other girl, and he said it was nothing, and it didn't mean a thing, but i knew deep down that was a lie. He is in South Padre now with one of his friends and he still hasn't called me all summer. I mean, yeah we talk online occasionally..but things aren't really the same.


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