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I longed to get someone that I could love


For so long in my life I longed to get someone that I could love with all my heart and give her everything that she would want, Iíve longed to go beyond my boundaries to please my woman to make her the happiest of them all. I could have dated someone else, I could have loved someone else but I chose to love and to cherish you after all that you had told me. I never wanted to use you in any way I loved every moment that I spend with you, I was so proud to be a part of you in spite of what you went through and what I had to go through deciding that its you that I want to spend the rest of my life with, which is not any easy thing to date someone with their own kid but I risked all that could be risked because I loved you. I would love you to ask yourself this question why did this guy chose to be with me and not anyone else Is it that Ií am beautiful or is it that this guy cant ask anyone else out? if you answer this question seriously and honestly you will do yourself a great favor.
When I told you that I hadnít slept with anyone you could not believe me but I as being honest with you. You are the first woman that Iíve known in my life and I made a pledge that the first woman I sleep with was the one I was going to marry. Lorraine there are so many beautiful things out there and at times we want to look for them so far away and we miss out on those that are close to us, you might get everything that you want in life Lorraine but there are certain things that money cant buy and beauty cant purchase, you will realize this as you continue with your life that not everything you want you will get, you only get a fraction of the things that you want.
Love is too strong a word and I just hope and pray that we donít abuse it. When you told me told me all that you had gone through I said to myself I really want to be part of her life and prove to her that she can be still loved an cherished like every woman who hasnít gone through what you have gone through. My only regret Lorraine is that I hadnít really showed you how much I really loved you because of things like this that made me doubt your love for me. I want you to know that I love Blessings with all my heart and was willing to treat her like any man would treat his child.
If you really want to work out things with me Lorraine I think its time you begin to tell me the truth about yourself and your intentions with me,coz I cant continue to take this from you, am way too young to be going through what you are making me go through I do love you but if loving you will cause me to go through this kind of pain then there is a problem.
I hope and pray that you consider your actions and think seriously about your life and the person that you want to spend your life with. Note that there is Aids out there so please do take care of yourself even as you travel.
I guess the photo wasnít mine in the first place so when you decide to get one for me you will bring it. This one was meant for someone else.

Note that I love you so much and iĎam in much pain writing this to you.


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