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the tears rolled out and every little thing made me think of her

the only girl that could make me cry:this is me, and this is my story.I started out the school year just fine, I was, not to brag alright looking, I only had one guy as a friend the rest which were about 10 or more were girls(yea I'm a dude, call me a wuss and I' somethin)well I met this girl that said she had feelings for her, but thats not the story.that girl led me on the whole school year, and showed me what kind of pin the opposite sex could bring to a happy healthy guy, and I decided not to let any more girls get all of me, I'd always keep just a little bit of myself aside.Well then this beutiful girl, explained kindly that she had feelings for me, so we started dateing.I knew what I had to do, I had to care but keep some of me to my self, she was the first to tell me over the phone in a sudden random fasion, I love you, stunned I said I love you to and we waited and, kissed no big deal there.Well her friend started haveing relation ship problems and sense I had experienced the pain of the opposite sex I helped her by giveing simple advice like, there are way to many guys in THIS world to let one bring you down, and she got better.2 months into my relationship with this girl and I had said I love you and meant it with all of my beeing, once this happened I went home later on and said oooooooh SHIT!I knew when she left me it wou ld be like pissin pop rocks.I could only expect pain now, and I had never broken up with a girl in my life, I always said, if any one ends this relationship, it'll be you, and she had said dont worry, I would never do that to you, I love you, but I knew that at my age there could be no I love you from a girl and it be meant forever, but I only say it when I mean, I love you and will never stop(I'm gonna start saying some of the things we said, just go along with it) and I would walk to her house, and one day she was on the comp and we started chating and we talked and then I said,"baby, you just dont understand how much I love you, I would kill myself, I would walk through hell flames just to hear you say I love you"and then she said"oh my god you take my breath away, literally",and then I got off later into the conversation and went to bed, the next day I walked to her house and we kissed, she sat in my lap that sort of thing, until a little after our 2 month aniversary, I had failed my grade and wouldnt be in the same school as her and every one said she would either cheat on me or just plain leave me, but I trusted her against my own will, and said"I expect you might but trust you if you say you wont" and she said she wouldnt, but one week from school she called me and said"here my sister wants to talk to you and I said ok and her sister said"hey whats up? I was wondering, if she doesnt want to be with you and just wants to be good friends what would you say"?and I though oh just another quiz huh? this ones easy,"I wouldnt mind and would respect her decision" I said, and then her sister said what if she wants that now?silence came, understanding came over me like a tidal wave oh my god she was brwaking all the promises taking it all back, scooping up a spoon full of hell to shove down my throght hole.and then her sister gave back the phone, I said to this wonder full girl, whose last moments of being mine were at hand.I said"are you breaking up with me"?expecting, hopeing gnashing my teeth for the usual, NO, HELL NO,but instead came a quiet yes...silence came it came like the calm after a storm, all the while I bit my lip say god damnit your a man, and then came a"yes but for a good reason". "...what good reason is this"? I said."because, we wont be in the same school, and you will probably find someone new, and I probably will to, and I just dont want to hurt you"she said, I could hear the tears comeing closer with ever last word, ever letter hurt her as much as it did me.then I couldnt fight it anymore the tear fought with my bottom eyelid, demanded freedom, a single tear sprang loose and rolled down my cheek, hitting the hand I was holding the phone with.I said quickly fighting the sound of my crying out of my voice"hey,I'll call you back in a little while, and I'm gonna say this for the last time...I love you baby,bye"click.I cryed and cryed I suprised myself, I had taken brakeup after break up, but yet this one effected me so badly, the tears rolled out and every little thing made me think of her.And then I thought of her freind I had givven the advive to, it was so easy to give that advice but yet so hard to follow.So I took a deep breath, cryed my last tear and tryed to get over it.then I called her, and she had to go after we talked a while said she'd call me back, well she did at about 9:33 and after we just made uncomfortable jibber jabber she finally said," I feel so bad, I ate but I threw it up" I then said "why" and she asked me why did I think, and I saaid oh I'm sorry, and she said "I still feel bad" and I said"well you did it" and she said"I know but it feels like my heart shattered"and I took a deep breath and said sadly"well, theres nothin I can do about it", and we sat there a while, while she said she was so sorry, and I said,"well your always welcome to come back, I will never turn you down" and then we talked more and I relized she was as beat up about it as I was, and finnally I said"if you could take this all back would you"? and she said"yes" and I asked several times if she was sure, and each time I was answered with a yes, so I said then it never happened, and she said I love you, and I'm so sorry, and I said I love you to and dont be sorry you did it for you, and then she had to get off the phone and I then said again, I love you baby, bye.
if you liked that story then I can send you more, my messed up relation ships, are your entertainment I guess, and one more thing I can give great adivice so I'm told, young and old,I'm just good with that sort of thing.oh yea did I mention I'm 14, you cant count me out cause I'm young though, I know what love is, and I can give MUCH better advice than many adults, but if you think I'm to young to give addvice then, your loss,e-mail for more storiesor just to talk or for some addvice you can get me at --------,now here or some good out looks on life, or motto's if you will:life is like a farm, you never know what kind of shit you'll step in, and also:like is like a black hole, it sucks,hve a good life:)


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