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give it time to see if he comes around and accepts that we should just be friends

It was the summer before going to 8th grade when I first met him. I was new to the church; I was shy and kept to myself. He was this loud, social jerk that guys liked and girls hated, including myself. He thought I was "cute" as he says and asked me out the next sunday. I said no and ran away. That's how our friendship started until we became good friends by 9th grade. He asked me out again one night and I agreed except for reasons which I can't remember, I broke up w/him after 2 weeks. We remained friends but went our own ways w/relationships. Throughout the years that we met other people, we became best friends, sharing stories and sometimes venting about each others' gf and bf... Then, naturally, we found ourselves attracted to each other again; this time, we were more mature and sensitive of each others' feelings. We started going out in 11th grade and dated for a good year and a half but things started getting rough when we both left for college. Phone calls became check-up calls... we thought we were different from 'everyone else' and that OUR long distance relationship would work. In the end, he became too possesive and I broke up with him again... That was a year ago. He said I was his first love and he believed in one love only.. I said he wasn't the one for me but I still love him... At first, he cried a lot and begged me to try again; now he's just bitter and mean to me because I refused...He calls me a lot a degrading names in front of our friends. Then he'll call my cell 20 times a day leaving me voicemails saying he's sorry. I'm so worn out by whatever it is that we have and things are falling apart between us, even our 6 year friendship. There's so many things I regret but I know it's foolish to dwell on the past for so long. I guess I thought we weren't like "everyone else" and that friends could become lovers and then back to friends. I'm just going to give it time to see if he comes around and accepts that we should just be friends. if not, it will be the saddest ending to what was once my happiest times...


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