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you try to convince yourself that you will be okay

The hope of the impossible love to be an impossible one

If you love someone , let it be and set him/her free, if he/she comes to you itís meant to be .

If you love someone , youíll do anything , youíll do all the crazy things that you canít explain , youíll shoot the moon , put out the sun , when you love someone.

Although I fell in love with a guy , I couldnít surrender everything , I couldnít do all the crazy things that I canít explain , I didnít find a dream that I would call it my own , and yes my lonely nights have just begun because I loved someone.

Someone who is 39 years old and Iím 24 , he is an American and Iím an Arab , he doesnít believe in any religion and Iím a Muslim girl, both of us have different cultures and traditions . Although we were real , non of us tries to sacrifice , we couldnít break free , I myself believed a lie , that there will be time , Iíll be able to fly .

We were working together for 4 months , my saddest day was when he tells me that he will leave my country because he finds a better job . I replied ď it is Godís will , He wants you to leave this country and me ď .
In the next day he told me Ö ď if it is Godís will to leave you , it is also his will to come here and meet you , it is meant to be ď.

Since he left me , I got only 8 or 10 mails from him , even when he came back to my country to spend his vacation , he didnít try to call or visit me . I wish he would , but I believe that he will never do , may be because he is more realistic more than me . When you love someone you have to pay the price , your try not to care , you try to glare , you try to get away , and you try to convince yourself that you will be okay .


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