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Ill just let the time heal the wounds of my heart

When I was at my young age, Iím much aware about my future specifically in building my own family. Therefore, I am more confuse about the things involve in a relationship knowing the reality of life out of these new generation in which I belong.

For several nights, I suffer because of a dream which I really must consider as a nightmare for me. Itís all about simply being pregnant in my teenage life or damnable, in a wrong time. And this dream I take as a vision in building my future that lies ahead. I need to be careful and watchful in any ways Iím doing as Iím growing up being a teenager or else, I will be deflect. So then I said to my self, itís just a matter of self-discipline and being wise in dealing my own life. Without any hesitation, I easily set a goal which is the reason why till now I never experience having a boyfriend. Itís not because no one love me or beg for my love but obviously itís because of my ultimate goal that has a big name stocked on my head. Be wise! A goal that leads me to rejection of someone whom I most love.

Now, I am seventeen. Dredging up memories about the guy who are tend to be my dear best friend. Weíre always been together, we shared lots of sh*ts in life and even shared out top secrets. Without our knowledge and with our big surprise we found ourselves falling inloved with each other. Hey, what about my goal? I know that I was totally dippy when I told him that I wonít give up my goal just for the sake of love. Itís not yet the right time. There are still seven years long to wait and my best friend could no longer wait for me coz he want to enjoy his love life with commitment. Especially he never experience having a girlfriend too. All I can do is just telling him ďye, its okayĒ and that Iím happy for him when all I really do is crying. I love him and I must set him free. I choose this decision, so Iím ready to suffer the consequences given though itís hard and painful in my part. I really donít know what to do. It made my heart so crumble.

One day, we had a serious talk, and he said he was already taken by another girl and he doesnít know if he still loves me or not. But he said we can still be friends. And the saddest part in the end of it all is when he treat me so bleak as if Iím totally out of his life and his never been my best friend. He does lots of things which he knows I donít want him to do but he do it exactly in front of me. At that very moment, I felt rejected by him and because of that, venom claimed me. Iím tired of pretending that Iím always okay whenever Iím with him and with his girlfriend. I no longer know him anymore. So I decided to quietly leaving him but Iíll never stop loving him. Ill just let the time heal the wounds of my heart cause of my dear beloved best friend.


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