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Oh, It's sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along

Oh, It's sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along. 6 years ago I met a wonderful man, I didn't go looking for it, he just appeared from who knows where. It was a time in my life when I was very unhappy & my marriage was on the edge of uncertainty. I never thought in a million years that I would find myself actually believing that "love at first sight" could even exist. There he stood, his georgeous light brown eyes was what got to me. They say a person's eyes is the window to their souls. I was captured instantaneously. We became very good friends and maintained the friendship throughout the years. I've actually found myself falling in love with him although I had no right. I told him of my feelings but we both knew that we could not let it go any further. We have the best platonic relationship that could possibly be. I've always been one that expresses my feelings very openly and have told him that I've never experience such emotions of peace, joy, contentment and that my soul is so compatible with his. His presence alone brings an overwhelming feeling in my heart that it's hard to describe it with words. I have a deep respect for him and he for me. I love him dearly with all my heart. He has moved and I know that it will be a long time before I will see him again. I know someday that we will meet at a crossroad again and our friendship will always be there. I believe love never dies when it is truly within you and that love will go on forever no matter where you are in life. My love for him will forever be in my heart. Maybe someday, even if it's in my later years....maybe one day our souls will connect once again. It's a wonderful feeling to experience a love so deep and you know that they are out there and our bond can never be broken. I try to remember the saying, "If you love someone, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesnt, it never was meant to be" Which ever way it turns out in the end I have a true friendship that is rare to find. But, let's face it...there is a reason for everything that happens in one's life and sometimes timing is not on your side. But, love is about having faith, hope and believing that just someday...we may understand it all. :)


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