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she is beautiful, nice and an angel

I am 29 years old and have nothing to show for it after my life was stripped away from me 4 years ago in a government conspiracy to cover up the truth. I have post traumatic stress disorder because of it and I find it hard to express my real feelings. Never take the ability to smile for granted, cuz people will always judge you by your facial expressions. I have been very badly hurt by women in ways you couldn't even dream of, no bulls**t, that I almost feel detached from the world. Now in my life I have a job, but no car. I have little money and nothing really exciting in my life. I eat a healthy diet and go to gym and I am a sweet, caring and very loyal guy who is sensitive to other peoples needs. I have a very close fremale friend who lives 2 hours from me and has heaps of friends, alot of male friends who are more sucessful than me. She has a successful career and she is always busy. We have been through so much s**t together that we have a bond. She saids that she wants to live life to the max and wants to have heaps of fun and doesn't want a relationship. I am madly in love with her that it drives me absolutely crazy. I am going out of my mind and I don't know what to do. I keep on persuring her, making her feel like she is the one, that she is so special, that she is beautiful, nice and an angel. She knows this and she knows that I love her and that I am always here for her and her only. I am willing to give it all up for her. I want to believe in a dream, that a woman can love me for me and not judge me by how much money i have in the bank, or if I have a car or not, or what job or career path I have. I want to believe that true love exists. I know story sounds crazy, but it is the truth. I won't to know if I should just keep on persuring the lady I love or just move on. I wish I knew want to do


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