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i fell in love w my boyfriend slowly and carefully

i fell in love w my boyfriend slowly and carefully. It was my first real relationship w a boy and until then i hadnt let anyone in. alot of it had to do w the abuse my father had brothers had put me throught.. not sexually or anything like that.. just physical and emotional. alot btr right.. but i liked him.
Ther was always so many ifs about our relationship. i was 17 he was 23. he had a daughter and had just previously came off a year long relationship w his x. A 33 yr old woman w kids.
So it was hard at first. i didnt no if i was interested. i liked flirting w him and i had a crush on him. our personalities got along well. and i could tell he kinda liked me. by the way he looked at me, and talked to me.
we met at work, and one night after work he asked for my number. i was reluctant. i didnt no if i wantd him
but i scribbled my number down and went in.
after that things went slow we talked on the phone everyday in the coming wks but we didnt hang out. hours and hours on the phone. and then we hung out.. and hung out and date after date we stayed to the claim we were just friends. he never tried anything. which after about 2 months left me lost. i thot he likd me.. but i was so shy and awkward w him. i remember nights in the dark watching movies leaning close and doing nothing but lean close. it was on the couch we had our first kiss. it was like 2am and we had just watch the late late show w JLenno and i closed my eyes and rest my nose on his nose and practically went to sleep. and then i felt his mouth on mine. and i opend my eyes so i wouldnt miss my first kiss and kissed him back...
about 2 wks later we started dating thro the controversies..
and were still togther now


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