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Will they ever confess their love? We'll see

there was once a boy who likes this girl a lot and maybe even in love. This girl flirts with him hold on to his sweater and everything. One day their class was in a straight line ready to rehearse a fire drill. The boy was in the fron fo the line. A group of girl including her cut in front of them. The girl was in front of him. She then suddenly leaned on him. She says that he is comfortable. The boy talked to one of his friends and said "Lets go in the back of the line." The girl told him "No stay here. Dont leave me" the Boy was stunned and started to blush. From this situation the boy stayed and let her leaned on him. The next day the girl was sittin on his chair. THe boy came up to her and told her that she was in his seat. As he said that he looked up to her face, the boy is stunned on such beauty he say. The girl responded" i know isnt it wonderful to be in your seat" the boy was stunned again he looked in her eyes, he wanted to tell her that her eyes was beautiful but he was too shy. What do you think? you think she likes him a lot or just flirting with him for fun. Sorry thats the end even though the story is still going this story is a true story. Will they ever confess their love? We'll see


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