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ive had other crushes but this one is CRAZY!!!!!!!

i moved to fl. from nj and i feel in love with this guy and well he didnt know that untill the last day and u know the last day is crazy and well the school was big and i was new so its kinda crazy so i ddint get to talk to him! i was heartbroken the whole summer and he thought i was going to same school as him but im going to a pivate school! i really miss hima n i still love him theres not alot of cute boys that i like in my school now i wish that i could just talk to him idc if it would only be 5 min. cause i know what i would say and i saw him at the mall the other day and i thought that he didnt c me but my friend found out that he did and he thought i was mad at him or 4got about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 trudt me theres not 5 min that i dnt think about him! ive had other crushes but this one is CRAZY!!!!!!!


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