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Until then, i wait....

I am in grade seven and i have been going out with a girl named Laura since grade five. We talked often, went to movies and for walks, and for so long we were blissfully happy. Every day i thanked my lucky stars to have Laura by my side. But things changed about a month ago. Laura and I were at a school dance and she began to get over emotional about somthing (to this day i dont know what) I tried to talk to her and comfort her, but each time she pulled away and walked off. once a slow song came, i didnt bother trying to find her to dance, because i knew she would decline. I had one of my best freinds to go talk to her about it for me, and from the looks of things, it wasnt working. Now me and laura are broken up, im in a deep depression and she's dating some clod who's beneath her. Everyone says to forget her, but i cant, shes always on my mind and i see her face wherever i go. She's the only one for me and i tell her that every day. Someday i hope that she will love me like i love her. Until then, i wait....


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