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The bully ran away crying

I am in love with this new kid at my school. He was my age and hd blue eyes and blond hair just like me. I can always see him staring at me from the corner of my eye and when he's not, I AM! He laughs at my jokes and compliments me. One day a mean bully in my school came up to me in class and started harrasing me, saying I was like faT, (even though Im like only 95 pounds at the age of 14). My crush heard the cammosion and ran over and pushed the bully down saying that I was no wear near being fat and that I looked beautiful. The bully ran away crying, (even though he's in 8th grade with me) and I thanked him for being so nice. This incodent hapend 4 months ago, my crush and I have been going out since then. xoxoxoxo


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