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the people you love the most end up being the people that mostly hurt you

Love does exist although sometimes love can be the most hurtful emotion it can also be the most awsome feeling. It all started when I was in highschool I was about turning fifteen I had a class with a guy named ricky. What was weird is that I thought that he was my cousin becouse his mother dated my uncle and they had a fling going on before he was born. What happend next is that he told me in class that we were not related his father was a guy named max. At that time I did not like him he was just a person i would talk to in class. Later on I became christian and my father told us if we wanted to go to a church I said sure. At that time I was seventeen. When I entered the church i saw one of my ex classmates and guess who it was ricky. Later on during that time i was getting my molars out and ricky would call me at that time it was my senior year of highschool. To make the story short we dated he was my homeing date, prom date, and best friend. He was a drummer in our church and I was a singer we both served the Lord which was great. Later I entered to collage and he was my boyfriend and my best friend the person I could count on. My secound year of collage he told me that he wanted time off but I told him why he told me that he needed time to think. Not telling me that he wanted to breakup with me he than told me that it was over. I cried and even begged him to let me be his girlfriend it didn't happend. Months past by and i decied to quit the youth group i would help him organize for our church. Now I do not talk to him and told him that i didn't want anything to do with him. I think it is better like this. He still dosn't understand why i told him that i didn't want to talk to him or see him anymore. I think when you fall with the person you think is the right person it means that the people you love the most ends up being the people that mostly hurt you. thank you


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