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george is like my brother now

well i met this boy one day his name is george. he was really sweet and i loved him so much. he never asked me out and it feels like he never will but i cant get over him i try and try. i have these weird feelings sometimes inside of me :(...... one day i went to school and there is this boy that i have never saw at my bus stop apeare. he goes next door to me at wellingtonship hounors..i heard from a friend he liked me so we got 2 noe eachother and talk at the bus stop everynow and then.. he asked me out one day and as soon as he asked me out i said yes!!..after one day o goin out with him i thought about george. and how i still love him. george and my bf are best mates and i feel so bad. one day after 1 month i got over my bf and i had this feeling that i still loved george. george didnt care about me breaking up with my bf..i got back with my bf and it wwas all good until i heard he liked this girl called samantha.. i was furiouse ad i heard that they were at the movies together god knows what they did.. i broke up wit him..and im still great frendz but i mis him heapsssss and im not over is like my brother now i think i am over him a bit buut I MIS MY EX BF ALOTT SOMETIMES I WISH I CULD HUG AND KISS HIM:(:(...LOVE emillyy I WANT TO DIE RIGHT NOW


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