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Making out in the hall

There is this girl that i like and when i met her i was going with her best friend but when my old girlfriend left my school and we broke up i hadnt started talking to her yet but everytime i would see her she would always give me a hug one day i decided to put a note i her locker saying that i liked her (which was a bad idea) when i told her that it was me who put that note in her locker she said that i was lying and that i was messin with her emotions (even though she said she was jokin) then one day in english class kept giving me notes about me likin her because her ex-boyfriend is trying to help me get hooked up with her and she kept callin me a liar so then i got her number then she told me that she did like me then one day she had text me and told me to come from my class and meet her in the hall then she started huggin me and i started squeezin her booty and then she kissed me and we started making out for the rest of class then the crazy girl who had asked me out earlier that day (and i said no) saw me and my soon to be girlfriend makin out and got real mad and slapped me in my face and my girlfriend just started swingin on her then the crazy girl left then i just decided to ask her and she said yes so we started making out some more. THE END


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