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3 days...was all it prove me wrong. :(

Only too eagerly do we mistake love for lust...But i didnt... No matter What people say, i truly believe that he loved me...I am the girl who wrote, "He's Still There, Somewhere.." And Let Me Tell You... he really was my soul mate I was going to spend my lif with him...he wanted to marry me and i was willing to stay by his side forever...have u ever felt that? The past week i have asked myself whether or not this whole relationship was see, i was absent from school for 3 days because i was sick. When I arrived at school, unknowingly to the secrets, i found that my boyfriend was with my best friend. I know i should hate him..and her. But i cant. Somethings are ment to work and some arent. No matter how horrible he was to me and how terrible what he did was....i cannot hate him...but i dont have to forgive him.

3 days...was all it prove me wrong. :(


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