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I will be so much happier if I know where I stand

I have liked the same person for 7 months in the making. I haven't asked him out because I am scared that if I do then he will not talk to me if he says no. I don't see him at school all that much because we have different lessons. I want to ask him out but i'm afraid that his friends will make fun of me. I have recently been having dreams about him. In which I have been his girlfriend or he has been about to ask me out. In each dream we were both very happy and his friends were not in them. I was 13 whrn I first liked him and I am now 14 and he still has no idea that I like him. I am upset because I think that it would work and I would be so happy like in my dreams. One of my problems is that he hs never had a serious relationship before and he might be afraid of commitment. The thing that I really want to no is how he feels about me. I will be so much happier if I know where I stand. Even more happy if he feels the same way as me.


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