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she will love me forever and thats how i hope it will stay

i met my girlfriend about 3 years ago and we were just friends then then last year i realized that i liked her so i started haning around with her more and more, i had my mind set to ask her out soon, but before i did i found out she had already had a boyfriend. so i waited, when he broke up with her i quickly told her how i felt and asked her out she said yes, we went out for about a month when i got a phone call she said she just wanted to be friends it made me pretty mad but i knew i had to get over her. i couldnt do it i couldnt get over her. i started talking to her again and i pertty told her that i still loved her and i wanted to have another chance but i found out that she already had another boyfriend, later i found out that she cheated on me with the guy she was goign out with now, i was heart broken. as time went on i told her that even though she cheated on me i still loved her and that i would always love her, she told me that she still liked me alot but she loved this other guy and that if any thing happened to her and her other boyfriend that she would want to go back out with me, i knwo this sounds retarded im like her back up boyfriend but i love her and i wanted to be with her so i told her i would wait for her till they were done i waited for 6 long months and she started liking me more and more, she would hang out with me alot and i knew things abotu her even her boyfriend didnt, her boyfriend got pissed cus he knew she liked me and broke up with her, she was in love with this guy i guess cus she was all shit faced and hurt when he broke up with her, but i was there to hold her and comfort her during this hard time after about 2 more months or so i asked her out again and she said yes, she told me that she was sorry to have ever cheated on me and left me that she realized how much love i have for her by sticking with her even though all the sh*t shes put me through and now we have been together for almost 3 months and im lovin every minut of it she tels me that i am the best thing thats ever happened to her and that she really regrets every thing shes doen and that she will love me forever and thats how i hope it will stay


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