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there are at least two sides to every story

he was my first true love but hopefully not my last.

I had been friends with my best friend for 1 yr and a half. we always did everything together. there was one guy in our class at school junior and senior year of high school which was madly in love with her. she finally understood how much he cared about her through all the cute little things they did. when they finally went out and she told me, i was excited but a little worried our friendship would change because for a while the three of us were best friends. his guy best friend apparently was a lot like me, they both said. i wanted to meet him. when i did, i already saw the chemistry. he was 3 yrs older then me, a dorky yet intelligent figure. he had an x girlfriend he was still friends with though, so it sort of threw me off. she was there the day i met her, in the library parking lot my best friend worked in. after a couple of times hanging out with him in a group, i decided i wanted to get to know him better. i asked my guy best friend what he thought of me. he told me "he liked my hat". this guy was very shy around girls but perfectly himself around a group of people. he always knew how to make you laugh. we discussed how awkward it was but cute at the same time when either of us would drive around the couple and laugh about it. i remember i wanted to get to know him a bit better on a one to one level so i asked if he wanted to hang out. he was nervous, both of us in his car talking for a while. i asked him very bluntly,"do ya wanna kiss me?" he didnt look at me but said very quickly " yes" but didnt complete the action, i finally had him kiss me but not right before he told me he wasnt a very good kisser. ugh hate it when guys do that. he didnt call me for a week, it would have been more but my best friend asked if i wanted to hang out with them, so they all came over and he apologized but he was a little confused because even though he likes me, he doesnt usually hook up with girls he's not dating. i called him randomly a few weeks later around 12 midnight and asked him to come over. he thought i was in trouble but i was fine. when he came over i ran up to him and grabbed him and kissed him. it wasnt romantic though then. my parents were asleep and the two of us sat in the den cuddling watching tv. he was still nervous. i asked him out and he agreed an hour later. we started going out and when we did, the four of us would double date for every day for about two weeks. we went to the movies, diners, bowling and such. it was a lot of fun but pretty soon the fun came to an end. the guy i was dating and i both had a lot of trouble with our friends. not them, their situations. my one friend was threatened by his mother with a knife. she's an alcoholic and she's in a wheel chair.
my girl friend was not getting along well with her parents at all. she mentioned her dad hit her but who knows. the last memory i remember that was good with them was 4th of july night. we all sat and watched the fireworks for about an hour. we played with sparklers and had a great time, but after that, my guy friend was living with my boyfriend which is still living there today. my best friend (girl) was completely acting so different. i didnt know what i did. all this drama happened which is so far down you wouldnt believe but in the end, i got screwed in a way. my best friend (girl ) was really not helping out her boyfriend the way he needed to be helped. she was making him more stressed. i always stood up for her when my boyfriend would call her a bitch and say "its her choice not to open up to us and say whats wrong". my boyfriend and i were doing great for a while but soon every conversation consists of the two of them and though their situations sucked, we needed some attention too. pretty soon my best friend( guy) was going out of his mind. he had told my best friend(girl) who wasnt really my friend anymore at this point that i said that " he should break up with her". i never said that but she believed him over me. infact my boyfriend had said that. he said that and he tried to explain it to his bestfriend(guy) but wouldnt listen. soon i went off to college and i ended up breaking it off the second week through. i said i still wanted to be friends and called him 3 days later to prove that. he asked me out again 2 weeks later by coming to the city and giving me flowers but i rejected him. he didnt call me for a 2 weeks and when i came home from college he instant messaged me online saying hi and to see what i was up to, after an hour long conversation of discussing how much i missed my girl best friend. i came to the conclusion that i was mad at him because he didnt stand up for me to my girl best friend and say he said they should break up not me.!! i told him he was a part of the problem and that i cant speak to him or see him ever again because i would always be reminded of her thinking our friendship would be fixed but this time it was over, it was over. so that summer i lost 3 so called best friends who all think i ran out on them but the truth is they did it to me first. i will not hold a grudge though. it was all one big misunderstandings. the moral of the story is that there is atleast two sides to every story so dont take someones word for it :)


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