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i was bawling my eyes out

My name is Brittany! and me and my now ex partner just broke up an hour ago... and its so hard because we have been going out for 6 months! its really hard because he lives all the way in calgary and its like 8 hours apart,we had seen eachother most of the summertime and it was great we were so close, and I really thought we were gonna be together forever!, but a few months had past and we only talked on msn and it was okay until a little while but then we started to get bored of eachother and so right now I asked him do u even wana be with my anymore and he relpied sort of and i asked yes or no and he said not really... as you know i was bawling my eyes out and reliezed its was finally over after 6 months! over thats it! I relieze now looking back to are memories I had a great time with you, and i hope you did to! gurls its okay to be sad but remember at least you shared something!


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