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I still don't know what happened to the guy who claimed to need and love me

Almost a year later I still cry over him. I met Robert and we were friends for a while but the entire time I loved him which is strange because I don't fall in love easily and Robert just blew me away. We would talk on the phone every night (sometimes through the entire night) and one night I decided I was going to tell him how I felt. That same night he said there was something really important he needed to tell me so I let him go first. He spilled his guts and confessed that he had been in love with me since we met. I told him how I had also fallen in love with him and we were both happier than ever. We were together for a year and throughout that whole time he never stopped telling me how amazing I was. He claimed that if it were'nt for me he would have died at his own hand due to his depression. He would go off into speeches about how head over heels he was for me and it all seemed like it was too perfect. For the first time in my life I was more than content, I was happy. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. About 2 months after the proposal he was supposed to call me one night and he did'nt which worried me because he never missed a call yet. So after an hour I called him and some man picked up and I asked to speak with Robert, he said alright and asked who it was and when I said it was Liz he hung up. I called back immidiately and the cell had been shut off.I was devasted. I left several messages within the next week and got no response. I went to see him and he was gone. He had left and no one really knew where he had gone off to. I went home and cried. I still don't know what happened to the guy who claimed to need and love me but I'm still hurt. I've given up on getting a hold of him a long time ago and even though he broke my heart I'd still take him back in a heart beat. I know this is sad but it's true. I'm still crying over this man and if you could have heard the way he talked about me like I was the definition of bliss you'd understand why...


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