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we have both been in love with eachother since 7th grade

I met this guy named Colton in 6th grade. He was so nice to me and we became friends very easily.In 7th grade he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We went out for a year and we were so happy together. He was my first boyfriend and i was his first girlfriend. in 8th grade when we broke up it was because we thought we should be able to see other people to see what else was out there. well after breaking up we still remained good friends.Although i was not ok with us breaking up i made sure he didnt find out. He met another girl named kayla and went out with her off and on. He always asked me for advice and i did my best to help him even though it hurt me that he was with someone else. I was so depressed that i wouldnt be able to ever have him back i sucked it up and went out with this guy named mason. we went out for 2 years and i was telling myself i was happy with him but i was always thinking about colton. Colton broke up with his girlfriend a month after mason and i started dating. i always asked colton questions the way he had done to me. i never realized that i could have put him through the same thing i went through. He met another girl named ann.they went out for the rest of high school and mason and i broke up when i heard about colton and ann. Finally i couldnt take the torcher of seeing them together. I finally broke down and confessed how i felt to colton our freshmen year of collage. He stoped speeking to me for a month and i thought i had screwed up our friendship. I got a call one night to meet him at the bridge near our collage so i went. he told me that he broke up with ann and how he has felt all along....and it turned out that we have both been in love with eachother since 7th grade. we have been together for 8 years now.... im just waiting for him to pop the question so we can start a family... i guess there is such thing as a first true love


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