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What is this mystery love?

I met him, him what a word, even his own name is not powerful enough to desribe the way i feel for him let's call him micheal {that's not his real name!} Me and him just had recenly met eachother. They say love at first sight is not true but it is . When you first see them all the excitment goes to your knees then they weaken, The first time we met i knew we were meant to be. His eyes like hazel green treasures. His badboy act gets me all the time. No girls are crowed around him i could of already token that shot. When he looks at me my heat melts. Is it hot in here no i say to myself it's just micheal who's hot!! What is this mystery love? I thought it wouldn't happen again.
But i was wronjg here i am typing this typing about how i feel ifell again for another guy, but he seems like no other i've met i want to be more than friends I love him!!!


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