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It hurts coz I CANT OVER HIM......

I still love my ex boyfriend!... actually we just met june this year, got to know each other 4 one or two weeks. We're consisntent txtmate and we each other most of the time.With that i really fell inlove with him, he so sweet and he always make me happy and he's the only guy who makes me feel that way! July 21 this year on his bday he finally told me that he loves me and same with him i felt love so since that day were official on! But back of it we both know that from that day we've im just waiting 4 my VISA going to other country!... As we go along were so happy and so much inlove then one day we got MISUNDERSTANDING!He got mad with me but to think that its just little things 2 argue! By the next day he still not answer my txt. So try to call him @ home. Finally i got to talked to him.When i heard his voice, i knew that he was mad. I asked him whats he matter...he replied nothing! but i dont know what i felt 4 you now! huhuhu.... he wants to end it up?! it hurts me lot when i got to hear those words from hiM! From that moment only 2 weeks left b4 i left mla. So much depression cover me every aech day comes! All day and night i just keep on crying and begging him not to leave me. I almost wanting to take my life off that time coz i really love so so much!... He knew that im so hurt because of him. But he told me im sorry i dont love you anymore! god so much hurt!huhuhu he's reason he doesn't feel that he still love me and because im leaving the country! What a reason for me! So i that i have no choice but to accept the brake up! So left the country full of depression and so much tears to cry!... Until now I STILL LOVE HIM! that every now and then he's in my mind. It hurts coz I CANT OVER HIM......


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