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Throughout the years I never forgot her name

I had an innocent little crush on a girl in elementary school. She was so pretty and wow is she so pretty now!!!! I was always a shy kid so I never even talked to her or tried to be her friend. After elementary school I went to a catholic middle school(which I hated!!!). She moved away never to be seen again. Throughout the years I never forgot her name. I won't say what her name is, but just know it is the most beautiful name. Which shouldn't surprise anyone because she is the most beautiful girl!!!! Her name always seemed to come up somehow in conversation. I met her cousin in middle school and he asked me if I knew of her. Of course I said "yes" but didn't quite let him know I was crushin on her. Then came high school and boy did I go through my share of girls!!! No longer that shy anymore. So, all this brings me to this past September. When somehow, someway, I managed to run into her on all places, the computer. I say of all places because I was never fond of computers and was rarely if ever on one!!! One of my friends inroduced me to myspace and maybe by luck, maybe by coincidence, or maybe by fate, I found her and started to talk to this fantastic person!!! Then after a little while, when she figured out I wasn't a stalker, we went out and it has been great ever since. She makes me feel so good!!! She is so amazing!!! There are just not enough words to describe how I feel. I am so happy and so in love with her!!!


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