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My Friend Tried to Grab My Guy

before you read this i am a woman ---I was in a night club, saw my cousin (or i thought it was my cousin) and went over to say hi, only to find out it wasnt her, so the girl i did say hi to (J) just laughed and asked me to get out to dance with her, so i did, and we became great friends, i was with my other friend that night too, L and lets just say L was always a little jealous of the fact that guys would rather me than her.

J told me she was here with someone else to and was going to see if he was ok and would be back in a minute, i said that was fine and headed off to the toilets, when i came out J asked me did i get that and without thinking i just said yes (i was drunk so i pretended to know what she was talking about)!
Well when the night was finished myself and L headed home as we live near each other, and all the way there L seemed to be texting quite alot "oh" i said "i see you had a good night then" but she didnt answer, i was kinda jealous (all i wanted was a boyfriend ,not the C**** that i usually hooked up with) but i was happy for her all the same and i hoped this mistery text man would be the one for her!

2/3 weeks later myself and L were beside each other on a bus going to work when all of a sudden there it was again, another text, that was about 10 in the space of afew mins, so i asked her "is that still the guy you met in the nightclub" "yep she said and im finally going to meet him, do you want to some with me ?" so i said yes and that night we went again to the night club to meet her mistery man, when he saw us he came straight up to me and said hi, i said hi back thinking L told him who i was, i found out that J gave L a number for me that first night and L kept it for herself, needless to say i didnt see her all that night!

D and i start talking and he asked me did i not send any texts to him at all, and i told him no! we got on great and eventually start flirting, afew weeks later i start going out with him, 2years later he is now my fiance and my so called friend could have kept me from meeting my soulmate,my lover and my life.

i love D so much!


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