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he said he would never forget me

I know this guy who lives in another country I met him one year and about 6 months ago. he always asked me for a kiss but I wouldnt kiss him because I was really waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend which he never did but when it was time for me to come back to the US he woke up very early to come with me to the airport I thought that was so sweet! I kept in touch but he didn't really enjoy talking to me online or on the phone I could sens it in his tone of voice when we were on the phone. A couple of days later he sent me an email and told me that we could not be more than just friends. He got a girlfriend and talked to me sometimes when he came online. He always knew I loved him and sometimes he would say he cares about me but then he would be with another girl. When I went back for another vacation I got a boyfriend thinking I would get him jealous but it didn't we talked and he asked me for another kiss for christmas but I turned him down, I didn't want him to get that kiss and then forget all about me.. Now it's been a long time and we talk almost every day he always says that he cares about me and apologized for his past behavior but a couple of days told me that if we were together as in a couple we would be separated too long and it wouldnt work out because those type of relationships aren't for him.. He is going to live in another country in a couple of months I don't think I'll see him if he stays there I told him I didnt want him to go he said he has to to earn money for his family and work I told him I really didnt want him to go and he asked me why. I told him because he would get back together with his ex that he really cared about and he would never ever think of me again, he said he would never forget me. I'm hoping someday we will be together I truly love him


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