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some say young love doesn't make sense

my story is different then the rest of this storys a lil better then them, when i was 11 i feel for my 1st love we dated for 8 months we feel in love but i didnt no that intil i broke up with him he got into a deppersion stage and i felt the same way we tryed to move on because we were scared to date agian, i cryed myself to sleep i would cry so hard somtimes that i would throw up and i went insane i didnt act the same i told him about it he didnt laught like i thought he would, he just said i feel the same way and finally after a while of talking he said just admite it we are never going to get over eacher and i said i agree still today i think of him and i love him we are talking about dating again and i hope everything words out there is no reason they shouldnt because we love eacher// some say young love doesnt make no sence think we are just a cupole of kids with a crush but this is no crush its love and i know that and i accept that i love him and so does he so this isnt puppy love its really and im the one to judge that.. ilovehim<3


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