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a crazy love , a young love , a teenage love

It all started August 2006 ,we had been together for 3 months ((cudve lasted longa ,, but sumfing stufft it up details below while reading)) My ex and I were lost in our love , we had ups and downs but we managed through them all. Majority didnt want us together, the girls wanted to take my place and be with him , and when they couldnt take my position they were planning to dob me and ma ex to da coordinatorz. They try to flirt around him , tryna get cIose , i gotta admit i was unhappy about it and didnt like what i was see-ing . Even if its jealousy , it comes through after all he was my boyfriend during that time , i got the right to get cut. It wasnt about not trusting him, i didnt trust those girls behind him. and he felt the same way with the guys behind ma back. I was bestfriends with his close mate , and he felt that his mate was tryna pik me up and that he gets to close to me , but really we jus sat down at lunch , and another boy , lets name him ..** chubby blue ** in the same class as my ex had seen me and my bestfriend togther sitting , and had let my ex know , from there he wasnt happy and believed that me and his mate were going out or had our own little relationship . We had eventually sorted that out as well and everything was back to normal . Though one day i had decided to go to dis festival, i tried contacting my ex but couldnt get to him , den i decided to go to the festival with **chubby blue's** cousin. At the end the cousin rocks up with another 2 guys with him , i had no idea there wouldve been other people , it was our first meeting but i did not try to flirt with them as i did think about my ex and had him on my mind the whole time. so we sat somewhere another boy rocked up and at the end **chubby blue** had came as well .. we played spin the bottle , but it wasnt my idea and i didnt hav the intention to play and i did let them know that ... so we played , they had told me to pash the cousin and the friend .. i refused .. dey sed touching .. i refused .. dey sed its onli a game cmon .. im like a game played in reality i got someone to think about you know .. then they said ok den jus a kiss on the cheek .. so i jus did that and ended the game .. i wouldnt call it a kiss though coz our cheeks jus touched but we didnt like kiss ... anyway i rock up at school on wednesdayy .. i find out that **chubby blue** had told my ex that i went to meet up with them at the festival and stuff .. my ex didnt want to believe it .. on thursday things got serious .. **chubby blue** had made a lie to get me stuck and never out .. he had told my ex that i had pashed them all .. which i had refused .. we had the biggest fight , almost jumped eachother .. i said "that was the pash i refused , i didnt pash , it was just the cheek" .. ma ex had tried to approach me , but i walked off on him and didnt give the chance to talk (im such an idiot) .. but i thought he wouldve accused me straight off and at the end "he did" ... he came next to buses and yelled at mii """ are you going to tell me all this im hearing is a lie ? ... are you going to deny it ? ..""" so he mustve believed and he said he didnt want to bother ... so next morning i gave his presents back and our relationship had ended ... we loved eachoda like crazy , we planned alot, but jealousy and bullshit got in between us .. its been 2 months and 1 week since our breakup and still we love eachother .. he still says his in love me and he always will be .. i blamed everything on my self .. at the end ov everything the coordinators had found out and decided to expell me from school .. and im now waiting for my expellsion slip to arrive by mail .. and now that im leaving .. ma ex might be leavig back to america .. .. he spoke to my cousin and friend and told dem that he loves me but doesnt want to get hurt again .. all i want from is trust .. wer tryin to work on gettin togther .. but i can see that he doesnt want mii movong on with someone else .... ******a crazy love , a young love , a teenage love like this ended the worst way during early November .. a month before beautiful summer days were to begin.. *****

Jus a lil note : this a real life storyy , and no matter where you are in life while you have a boyfriend , dont hang out with someone else .. i hanged out with them , nothing happened ... but people change the story around .. so dont let this happen throughout your life .. take it serious .. coz wat more would you want then a crazii loveee ....


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