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we jus layed in his bed n jus talked for hours

ok well i think im in love. at school one of my best friends was going out with this boy, i only sat next to him in a few lessons so i got talkin to him specialy bout ma mate, n then it got serious between them too. they split up n i was partly blamed for being *too* close to him,only as a mate so we fell out...bcoz she chaeated on him n every1 fonud out n took his side..afer they split our relationship grew...we wd talk on the fone for hours but only a bout the other girl he wass soo upset he cried so many times she actied like she ddnt care.he even made me cry once but this was before it all kicked hes got a gf n that n shes kind of over him (Its been 6 months) n well me n him are stil lthe best of friedns but now..its kind of kicked in that i love him. i just dunno what to do well because of them both i duno whether to tell him or not...but i love him so much i wd do any thing for the other night i went to his house n we jus layed in his bed n jus talked for hours, n it was so nice but were jus the best of frends i love him sooo much...n he does me *as a frend*...hmmmm iv never felt this way for any one before. it feels so special in a weird kind of way. im lucky to hav sumone like this i fink bcoz well some people fall in love like i have dun. but there not very close to them soo its worse. gd luck to any one who is i the same situation x x x x x


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