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i will never let him go i love him with all of my heart.

one day i was over my bestfriends house and she had me meet this boy his name is monkeybutt(nickname).when i first saw him i thoguht he was mean but i was soooo wrong.after awhile i started to like him ALOT i dont know if he could tell that i liked him but i could tell he liked me.a month later my bestfriend told him that i liked him but she also liked him and monkeybutt was in love with another gurl.well he was single and he came up to me and we just started to talk about anything and everything and then he asked me out and i said yes.well i broke up with him because i wanted to go out with this boy names lukie(nickname).at the time i thoguht lukie was a better boyfriend but he wasnt he wasa monkeybutt kep trying to show me that he was a better boyfriend ad that he could treat me right but i didnt listen.and as the days went by i would keep braking up with minkeybutt to go with lukie and braking up with lukie to go with monkeybutt.i was so stuck i made up my mind.......i wanted to be with monkeybutt because lukie would cheat on me and he pooped his pants and he lies alot and i didnt want that so i went backout with monkeybutt.monkeybutt didnt love his ex-girlfriend anymore because she only went out with him when she didnt have a boyfriend she alos slep with her ex-bestfriends brother.i dont talk to lukie anymore and me and my bestfriend are really close i will love her forever and me and monkeybutt are still together he loves me so much and i love him so much.i have never felt this way with any other guy.he tells me im beautiful and any other guy would say im sexy and hott.he holds me like he will never let me go and other guys woule feel all over me.he treats me with respect and other guys would ask me when can they have sex with me.he tell me that he will wait for sex untile im ready.he buys me things and writes me notes a page long.he holds my and he kisses my hand and my forhead.he tell me he loves me everyday.he kisses me so gentel and he is always there for and him talk on the phone for hours about everything and stupid things.he is my everything and i will never let him go i love him with all of my heart.



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