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He asked me to marry him. I said yes

On June 7th, 2002, I met the love of my life... At first, we didn't talk too much, we met through one of my friends because I think she thought we'd be perfect for eachother. You know them blind dates, eh? Well, 16 days later, on the 23rd of June, he used my worst quality of my personality, not against me, but for me. He started telling me that he was going to ask a girl out. And I got really quiet and just stopped saying anything to him. He then realized that I liked him, and immediately asked me out. So, because of my jealousy, he figured out I liked him. And that day, I figured out that I not only liked him, but I loved him. I don't really know how to explain what went on between us for the next year and a half. All that happened was our love growing stronger. We made so many memories, I was lost in that love. Then, on September 19th, 2004, two days after his birthday, he told me he had to leave me. It happened so fast, I don't even really know how it happened. He left just as fast as we met. He didn't even give me a good explaination. He walked out of my life and left my heart shattered in pieces. He just totally disappeared from life. I didn't know where he went, who he was with... I was scared for him. But I didn't have anything to do. All I could do was pray. So, I prayed and prayed each day for him to come back to me. And then, one day I realized he wasn't coming back. I figured, why not try to go on with my life, Right? So I tried.. and I tried.. and I tried. But each relationship I was in was never the same. I couldn't love them as much as I loved him. and then, in 2006, I met my sister, a year younger than I. And she helped me realize that I had at least one person to care about me, even though I lost the man I could have possibly spent the rest of my life with. I still had her, my wonderful, loving sister. Yet, I continued to pray and pray and pray each night for him to come back to me. I don't think I ever truly believed he would come back to me until that day. It was still 2006, and I was at home wondering what was happening to me, to him. Then I got a phone call from my friend. She told me that there was somebody that wanted to talk to me, so I better come over. I went to her house and saw that the love of my life.. was waiting for me. All I could do was cry. Cry for joy, cry from amaze, cry for all the pain I endured to get to this moment, and all the prayers I prayed to be with him again. The tears, the emotions were overwhelming. Now, on January 4th, 2007, 4 years, 6 months, and 11 days after I met the love of my life, I am the happiest woman in the universe. And even though he's about 1010 miles away from me right now, the distance is nothing compared to what we've been through. And on April 2nd, of this year, he will be in my arms once again. I know he'll have to leave again, but I'm willing to go through it. I'm willing to go through anything for him, now. Because I know that someday, someday soon we will be together for good, and he won't ever have to leave. I forgot to mention one thing. He asked me to marry him. I said yes.


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