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it's time to do everything I can to forget you

You'll never know the love you wanted was here. You had a "hint," but ununevitedly "hit you in the face." You won't ever know who is writing this, but yet, you are hoping it is me. I fell in love with you like nothing in this world. I know it's not lust and I know it is true love. How do I know? Because until I encountered such a fantasy that was for real, I never believed in. I would do anything in this life to show you how special of a man you are. You acknowledge your own
accomsplishments (which are so wonderful), but I appreciate them. Which that is why I stand out. Your millions, your sweet toy will only mean those as toys to others. But, it is me who knows the "Real person," behind the accomplishments.

It is sooooo sad that two people who feel, two of different sides of the meaningless world can't act on their desires. I have nothing, but, I am the pickiest Bitch you could ever imagine. The reason is? I have the heart of gold that is just only imagining being able to relinquish to the deserving. I am nothing great, but I am. I am attractive,
body of a 17 year old, I have brains and independence, but don't settle for less no matter how much money is front of my face. If it was for the desperateness behind the money... I would've showed my lonliness sooooo long ago.

So, Mr. G..... You were nothing special... You did nothing
different and at some points to a lesser degree. But, the
odd feelings I received from you were very unknown to me. For that. That is good enough. To the day you die, you'll never know that even though I "ran," you away, it would have been in your best "Trial," of this life to
see through it.

You and I both felt it. I fell in love with you. I never loved anyone in my life. You thought I was something special. You did. I screwed it up, but for a reason. You
and I were meant to be but at the same time were looking for something different.

For months, I have tried much more than ever imagineable.. You are the man of my dreams. But now, I'm tired.

I have moved on to a real man who accepts every thing I am. I am not in love like anything compared to a man who swept me from this dreary b.s. of a life we live. But, I am settling for a man who accepts this dreary life and this man
makes the best of it all.

Good luck to you. As you and I both know.... You and I were
meant for each other. You and I are now in different paths and neither of our stubborness will change that.

I love you... You were the man of my dreams, of my life. zI laugh with fondness inside because after 34 years on this earth, I never knew what butterflies were all about. So, for that I am grateful for as now I can "relate."

But, you weren't as brillant as your profession. Good luck to you. You and I aren't together and never will be, but I know the other guy I found will make this life happier
than I ever thought would be. He is not financially or career path wise successful as you,but in the same token, he is very successful in all other factors. I fell in love with you, but after trying soooo damn hard, I realize now
it's time to do everything I can to forget you.


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