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True Love is about Actions, not Looks

I had just gotten out of a drug rehabilitaion center when I met D and I had no idea how to live my life sober. Before rehab I had been doing meth for three years every day. When I was in treatment I had a dream that I was on top of a hill, falling down into fire and doom and then I was caught by the most beautiful boy and he picked me up and carried me away with him and I was happy.

So anyway, I got out of treatment and I had two miserable weeks (because I couldn't find any drugs) when a friend told me she was going with her boyfriend to this guys house and I was supposed to go with. So I went with and met D. My first thoughts when I saw him were, who is this homo, and since he was really skinny, I wondered if I could use him for drugs like I did all my other boyfriends in the past. So I gave him my number and he called me and I realized that he hated hard drugs and that he thought that I had quit doing them since I went to treatment.

I don't know why but I started going over to his house alot cause I was bored. I didn't even like him even though he let me use his camaro for two weeks. So one day after I knew him for a month I went to a party (when I was supposed to be with him) and cheeted on him with another guy. While cheeting his brother walked in on us and yelled "thats my little brothers girlfriend" I didn't even know I was his girlfriend.

So he told D what I had done and he was really upset about it. So I told him I would come see him that night cause I felt so guilty. While driveing to his house (he lived 30 min from me) there came an instant snowstorm where I eneded up going into the ditch almost going into a lake. it was a bad accident and my truck was totaled from the trees. So I had no choice but to call him and he came to get me in the snowstorm even after I had cheeted on him! He then paid for a tow truck to tow my truck home. And I have loved him ever since.

I'm not sure if it will all end in marriage but I do know that this boy (like my dream) was able to save me from eternal doom. Now I'm establishing a sucessful career for myself and I never would have done that without him.


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