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She Still Loves Me

I met this girl at school the year of 2004 through my girlfriend who which is now my ex. about two months later her and i went out. I loved her soooo much and wanted to be with her so bad. She wanted the same the only problem is that i was to nervous to talk to her and these three girls kept flirting with me, and it made her really mad. After about three days into after that she dumped me sayin that them girls flirted me with me and i shouldnt have let them, so she dumped me. That same day she told me that she didnt like me like that anymore and that she like someone else. She said she would be single for a while though (so im running out of time). She only wants to be friends with me, but theres a rumor that she still loves me i wrote her a letter asking her about the rumor she hasnt awnsered yet but she said she would tomarrow.

Tomrrow im goin to tell her what i like about her and that i still wanna be with her i hope it reaches her in time, and i hope shell take me back....I love this girl shes very nice, beautiful and she soooo sweet.


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