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So i ended up getting back with him

For the past two years i have been in a relationship with this boy off and on. I have been there for him everytime he needed me. I put up with so much of his s**t its not even funny. This boy drives me crazy. I love him with everything i am. I mean off and on for two years theres got to be something special there if we can keep giving eachother chances. I mean when we first met i had pretty much stolen him from my best friend and we got to know eachother, but he ended up moving an hour away and we both new it wouldnt work with that far away. Then about a month later he got his lisence and we started hanging out again and then ended up back together. Then he pulled some stupid s**t and we broke up. Then around summer time he broke up with this girl i know. And he and i started together again. He was living with my sister babysitting my little nephew(MY PRIDE AND JOY). And of course the dumbass that i am gave him another chance to break my heart. Now see as this is all going on i am falling more and more in love with this boy and i hate how that is. Well anyways school started and i broke up with him thinking that maybe i could just stick to my studies. But no, i ended up meeting this other guy and tried a relationship with him. But of course i couldnt not with this boy and his jealousy. I mean god, he couldnt get the picture that i wanted to get over him. But i then realized a month down the road i couldnt get over him i was way to much in love with him. So i ended up getting back with him. And about two months had gone by and my birthday came up and he got me this promise ring and a week later he broke up with me because he thinks i didnt want to be with him. So yeah now he is with some other girl and i really could care less because i am finally getting over him and have found someone else that i care about a lot and i know cares about me. So that is my love story. I just know that if he and i were meant to be that our love will bring us back together.

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Angel Eyes


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