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we cant live without eachother!!!.

i had became a young carer after my mother became ill and i joined a group called carer flarers and after about a month a few groups from all over the uk met up and we went out, we went to the theatre and there was this boy he was amazingly handsome, my youth worker introduced us all but i was staring into his eyes i could think of nothing else apart from these georgous blue eyes and he stepped forward and i broke out of the trance and he put his hand forward and said 'hi my name is George' i put my hand in his and replied 'hi im misty, nice to meet you' 'same here i will see you inside' 'yeah'. we were inside and my friend was sitting next to me and he ask my friend to trade places with him and they did and he told my friend that he liked me and i overheard this conversation and i was stunned and i didn't know what to say even when he was talking to me then he asked if i was alright i said yeah and told him what i had heard and he replied 'oh right sorry if it offended me...' and i interupted him ' i like you too' he choked on his words. 'would you like to meet up some time outside of this group' i asked 'yeah sure' he said shockingly. we met up a few times after and he fianlly asked me out it lasted about a year and a half and i didn't see him on his birthday and shortly after at the next carers meeting he dumped me and it felt like my heart had been ripped out. 3 years later and we met again, he stayed over that night and had a dream and in that dream we got back together and the next day he asked me out and i forgave him for his mistake in the past and we r now expecting our first child in three weeks time and we are due to marry in six months time and we are glad that we found eachother again because we cant live without eachother!!!.


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