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he was the right man for me.

Life has never been easy for me as take care of my grand mom and my junior brother and studying too, I have been trying to combine working and studying but on the way going I have been confronted by many men all saying they want to go to bed with me so that my salary will be increased. I promised myself never to give myself to anyone that thinks he can rule the world with his money as I know that money cant buy love but can help on the way going. I decided not to work again because of the problems and with God's help I was giving a scholarship at school and have been awarded some amount of money too for topping the class with the highest mark ever.

I used that amount of money to cater for my grand mom and my junior brother who is also studying too and as well as myself. A friend one day introduced me to this strange on line dating and thought to myself that I was just going try my best and see what comes out, I did not know anything about this on line thing but she registered me to one dating site and asked me to take over from there. before the next day my pic appeared on the site and trust me I got a lot of mails resulting to about 50 mails but I did not mail back anyone, but rather decided to mail someone else myself with the name Dennis and he replied to my mail from that day I asked my profile to be canceled from that site about I thought I have found the right man in my life and true he was the right man for me.

We have been sending mails to each other with no instant chatting but been telling each other about our lives,then one day we decided to chat on yahoo messenger and trust me from there things has been going well as if we have known each other for many years, this is a man that I have never seen face to face but my intuition tells me that he is the man for me and his love seem so genuine, he sent me a lap to for my birth and that laptop is what I have used to do my school project he helped my junior brother with some money and we are now planning to meet in person and this is the part I cant wait for.

This man has brought happiness into my life and my whole family, I now walk in styles because of him as I am very proud to have him in my life. I have promised him my whole life and he has done the same to me, we have almost in common and life is good with him. I love him very much and he also loves me very much. I think this is the best love ever to come to live. I own my life to you Dennis


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