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Too bad you are such an arrogant jerk

I'm in love with you. Months later, can't get you out of my mind. Why not?

This life can be afflicted with the worse. Mine has and you have no clue. But, you also don't know that I was meant for you.

You still leave me with your affect. That's what I will leave with.

You are so intelligent, but not intelligent enough to figure
me out. But, I hope one day you'll realize that you should
of stayed around long enough to know who I was.

I am one in a million (least to say), not being stuck-up,
or arrogant, but I could have fulfilled your dreams.

Fate is one thing and who knows if all this bullshit is true. I am sick of all of it, and my next step has nothing
to do with you. But, I hope you'll never forget me, because the only thing I filled my heart was you.

Too bad you are such an arrogant jerk. You're money can't buy my love, but u bought me you, and you felt what I felt
for you.

The man of my dreams came true. I never knew it could ever happen, then I meet you. You're number one, but u're
stupid, arrogant self never knew that all you wanted was right in front of you. So, good luck with yourself, because
whatever happens to me definitely has nothing to do with you. But, you're arrogance blinded you so bad you could
never accept me. You are not a loser, but, yet you are.

You're actions show you care, but, yet, show how immature at your age your are. I am so in love with you, you have no clue, that if you weren't so damn stupid, you'd know my love
belonged to you.


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