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where war doesn't come between 2 hearts...

We must have spent the least amount of time a couple could but i'm pretty much sure the love that we have for each other is much more than most of the couples do.We used to go for dancing together and i asked her out exactly three years back.She is the most understanding and loving girl I have evr met.I'm from Sri Lanka where there is a war going on between Tamils and Sinhalese.Our parents dosn't approve this coz i'm a Tamil and she is a Sinhalese.But I luv her more than anything and i'm not willing to give her up at any cost.For the whole three years we have gone for 1party,3movies and have met around 60 days for the whole three years..Since last year i'm working in Qatar as a banker for the only reason to earn as much as i can and to do my highr studies so later we could migrate to another country where war doesn't come between 2 hearts...
Every day passes by thinking of the days that we'll get to be together and for me to be in her arms..There isn't a minute that passes by where i don't think of her..evry day i wake up & go to sleep having her in my heart and mind...
I don't know wheteher my dream wil come true of being with her but i will surely go that extra mile in anything for her.....


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